Our Clients Have Great Things to Say

“I started working with Strength Ratio after dealing with SI joint pain for eight weeks. My individualized programming helped me resolve my pain, and allowed me to prepare for World Championships in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where I was able to tie my personal record total.”
— Travis Cooper, Weightlifting National Champion, and USA World Team Member

“Strength Ratio has provided valuable guidance, and I have seen great progress, recently placing 9th at the 2015 American Open Championship, just six months after surgery. I have continued to progress as I prepare for my next competition, and I expect to be stronger than ever.”
— Mike Szela, National Level Weightlifter and American Open Champion

I cannot thank Strength Ratio enough! I’m not sure Kyle realizes how much his coaching has given me my life back. His expertise and guidance has given me back my confidence. So many people have told me that my recovery to major spinal surgery has been remarkable, but I ascribe this to putting my faith in Strength Ratio. I couldn’t have done it without their help.”
— Helen Brownlee
I didn’t think things were ever going to get better but thanks to Strength Ratio and their approach to training and programming I’m actually preparing myself to train for regionals in 2018.
— Evan Freeman

“Working with Zach has been incredible for me. In this day and age of coaches and gurus sprouting up like weeds, he is without a doubt a true professional. His attention to detail and ability to explain things are second to none”
— Mike Gray, National Level Weightlifter and Coach

Top notch coaching and programming. I sought out Zach in Feb 2016 after dealing with chronic pain stemming from re-injuring my low back (l5-s1 disc) in May 2015 and being unable to resolve my low back pain on my own. It got so bad, I almost considered quitting Olympic Weightlifting, but thankfully I found Strength Ratio. Since working with Strength Ratio, I’m no longer in chronic pain, my movement and mobility have improved considerably, I am stronger (even at a lighter bodyweight), I am a more well-rounded athlete, and I have not been injured since. Strength Ratio’s methods and systems work, and I’ve learned a ton about training and my own body since working with them. If you are dealing with injury or just want to train more effectively and sustainably, seek out Strength Ratio.

P.S. Besides being a great coach, Zach’s also a great dude and I’m glad to call him my friend.
— Alex Maclin, Barbell Shrugged

“Becca has been doing a fantastic job assisting in my rehab and hip strengthening program. She has been providing not only targeted exercises but also a focused stretching routine. The results have been off the charts. Her guidance and positive energy has been contagious and has definitely made a difference on my overall health and well being, especially after a complex hip surgery. Becca’s program has been a staple in my extensive post-surgery recovery process.”
— Luiz Leonetti

I recently participated in, for the 2nd time, the NorCal Master’s CrossFit competition at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond, Ca. This is a huge achievement for me, especially considering what shape I was in last year at this time- a lot of physical therapy, contemplating surgery, unable to run without pain, unable to participate in CrossFit classes pain-free. So, for an entire year, I’ve been dedicated to fixing my body and eliminating pain in my back/hips with the help of Strength Ratio. The process is still ongoing, but the results are clear. I am stronger, currently pain-free, and I am back in the arena competing.
— Alyssa Stransky Hershkowitz, CrossFit Coach/Athlete