When you farm sustainably, your methods are scientifically informed, strategically executed, and environmentally-conscious. You minimize waste and you maximize the renewability of your resources. You are as invested in the future of your farm as you are in its present productivity.

Sustainable training is a lot like that.

When you train sustainably, your methods are informed by the principles of exercise and sports science, strategically implemented, and contribute to a thriving ecosystem among coaches and your teammates. You are as invested in preserving your ability to reach FUTURE goals as you are in reaching your PRESENT objectives.

Put another way, sustainable training empowers individuals to achieve NOW while building the capacity to achieve LATER. And that means sustainable training prioritizes safe progress. Which does not translate to “slow”. For us, “safe” means “strategic,” which is also “goal specific.”

The success of sustainable training hinges on our coaches. Professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and responsive, they establish meaningful relationships with their clients defined by trust. These relationships promote ongoing feedback loops between coaches and clients, the prerequisite for sustainable training.


For clients, ongoing feedback loops are a means of self advocacy and autoregulation. For coaches, they’re a critical tool for gathering the data required to design appropriately challenging programs.

The programs we design evolve with clients’ changing lifestyles, needs, and goals. They continuously strike the optimal balance among fatigue management, progressive overload, concurrent training, and phase potentiation-- a balance that enables individuals to sustain linear progress towards their desired outcomes. Same as sustainable farming yields produce for years and years and years to come.


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