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Episode 34: Alex Harrison - A Journey from Power To Endurance

Episode 34 of the Strength Ratio Podcast features yet another team member of Renaissance Periodization, Alex Harrison. Alex received his Ph.D in Sports Performance from East Tennessee State University.

As an Olympic Hopeful in bobsled, Alex had trained many years for improved power. In fact, if you look through his social media, you'll see mesmerizing vertical jump abilities, as well as highly impressive numbers in the power clean, power snatch and push press.

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Episode 5 - Strength Training Part 1

In this episode, we discuss the neuromuscular adaptations to strength training and define three types of strength: relative, absolute, and general. We explain the significance of each of these three types of strength training, and how they can be trained concurrently. Make sure to send us any questions you have through Instagram (strengthratio) or Facebook (Strength Ratio LLC). 

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