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Episode 44: John Gilliam on Abnormal Imaging in Pain-Free Populations & Client Expectations on Outcomes

Episode 44 of the Strength Ratio Podcast features John Gilliam, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

John discusses two primary topics on the show. The first topic involves a literature review of abnormal images on MRI in asymptomatic subjects. Simply speaking, he talks about how someone can get a picture that looks bad, but whose function is great.

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Episode 19: Interview with Michael Ray M.S, D.C "Science & Semantics for Treating Chronic Pain"

In episode nineteen of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we’re joined by Michael Ray, Chiropractor, and owner of the Shenandoah Valley Performance Center. Mike relies heavily on both science and on semantics in his treatment of chronic pain.

First, Mike explains why pain is a complex topic. In fact, the greater field of researchers who study pain have not yet agreed upon a working definition for "pain".

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Episode 18: Interview with Dr. Mike Israetel - Practical Sports Science Application & Maximum Recoverable Volume

In episode eighteen of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Mike Israetel, Head Science Consultant of Renaissance Periodization. Mike's body of work, along with the help of his colleagues at Renaissance Periodization, has had a tremendous impact on our ability to help athletes resolve pain, return to play, and optimize performance.

Mike first answers how his advanced education in Exercise Physiology, under the counsel of acclaimed…

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