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Episode 49: Alan Flanagan Defends the Science of Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, there’s an elephant in the room. Actually, a few. And Alan Flanagan, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate studying chrono-nutrition, and former lawyer, joins us on Episode 49 to confront them.

He begins with a particularly stubborn impediment to progress: Post-Truth Anti-Intellectualism. This movement, characterized by…

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Episode 45: Jackson Peos on Intermittent Dieting vs. Continuous Dieting for the Athlete

Episode 45 of the Strength Ratio Podcast features PhD Candidate, Jackson Peos. We welcomed Jackson to the show to discuss his latest literature review, titled “Intermittent Dieting: Theoretical Considerations for the Athlete”. Jackson conducted his review with the help of other PhDs in the field, including past guests Eric Helms and Andy Galpin.

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