Episode 37: Mike Molloy of M2 Performance Nutrition

Mike Molloy, owner of M2 Performance Nutrition, joins us for Episode 37 of the Strength Ratio Podcast.

Mike, who has worked as a nutrition coach for nearly a decade, explains how his one-on-one coaching has evolved from writing macro prescriptions, alone, to now involving lifestyle and behavioral coaching to better address the psycho-social influences of dieting.

For example, and as citied in greater detail in the episode, Kaymen et al., recently discovered that subjects who maintained their fat loss versus those who re-gained their body fat had 30% more “available social support”.

Indeed, Mike offers general macronutrient recommendations for active populations. However, Mike takes even more time to discuss the significance of individual variation on the success of a dietary program such as the aforementioned social support, exercise frequency, type of of exercise, and one’s psychological relationship with food/history of dieting. We believe that these factors highlight the importance of having a nutritional coach for those who are currently struggling with their diet.

We hope you enjoy!