Episode 36: Mattie Rogers & Danny Camargo

Episode 36 of the Strength Ratio Podcast features World Championships Silver Medalist, Mattie Rogers, and her coach, Danny Camargo, who’s earned Level 5 Senior International Distinction.

We begin the episode by discussing their latest competition, the American Open Series III. Mattie and Danny provide insight into the obstacles they encountered leading up to the meet, and how they overcame them. We discover that the strength of their relationship has, despite challenge and set back, been defined by their deep trust and ability to communicate. We also learn how, over time, they’ve created a collaborative process in which it’s not Danny alone steering the ship as Mattie blindly follows. 

Conversely, while Danny puts in a lot of time and concerted effort into Mattie’s program, Mattie often contributes equally to its daily adjustments and edits due to her training maturity and technical awareness. Mattie is also the first to say that, since beginning her weightlifting career, not a single decision has been made without Danny.

We hope you enjoy the first podcast that Mattie and Danny have shared together!