Episode 28: Performance Nutrition - Quantity & Quality

In Episode 25 of the Strength Ratio Podcast, Dr. Sobolewski joins us to discuss considerations for both quantity and quality of food for sports performance. 

Nutrition can seem overwhelming. That’s why Dr. Sobo takes an academic, yet straightforward approach. He begins by speaking about how the quantity of food an individual should eat is dictated by their energy expenditure. He provides more information about how one can easily determine a starting point for their expenditure, and how for performance, one must prevent an energy deficit, especially for highly metabolic sports. He contends that the performance focused athlete would want, instead, to either maintain their bodyweight, or undergo periods of increasing their body weight for improved muscle mass, strength, or power.

Next, Dr. Sobo discusses how the quality of a person’s nutrition can be improved by following one time-honored, scientifically proven guideline: moderation.