Episode 24: Interview with Greg Nuckols

Although the field of Sports Science is relatively young, and despite the inherent limitations in studying human performance, we have many Ph.D.'s to thank for our best current evidence. There’s Brad Schoenfeld, Mike Israetel, Eric Helms, Alan Aragon, and Greg Nuck — Wait,  Greg Nuckols doesn’t have a Ph.D.?

If Greg, age 26, doesn’t have a Ph.D., what makes him so well respected by the larger field of Sports Science researchers? What makes him such a credible source that thousands would subscribe to his digest of the latest literature, in “MASS Research Review”? Furthermore what’s led 14 Million people to his blog, “Stronger by Science”?

If you’re thinking it’s due to his wizened bearded appearance, or due to his near 2,000lb drug-free powerlifting total, we advise that there’s more to Greg than meets the eye.

In this episode, we catch up with Greg to discuss how, with a curious mind, skepticism, and logical reasoning, he’s niched himself as a leading fitness writer and a trusted source of fitness knowledge. Additionally, we also discuss progress in the gym, and what to do when progress has stalled.