Episode 23: Interview with Bret Contreras "Evidenced-Based Considerations for Coaching"

Although Bret Contreras is known popularly as the "Glute Guy", due to his innovation and expertise surrounding glute training,  Bret's accumulated tremendous experience, education, and coaching skills in most Sport Science matters. Therefore, we spend less time in this podcast discussing the glutes, and more time talking about coach development.

In this episode, Bret highlights how important it is for a coach to consolidate personal training experiences,  as well as client experiences, with the best available systematic research. Despite the advancement of Sports Science research, the coach must understand its limitations, as there is still so much up for debate. Ultimately, however, Bret explains how this evidenced-based approach helps create a complete picture for how one might approach the client in front of them.

To conclude the podcast, Bret also shares his thoughts on what it takes for fitness professionals to create long-lasting, and sustainable careers in the industry.

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