Episode 21: Thoughts on Muscular Symmetry

In episode twenty-one of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we discuss muscular symmetry for strength sports, fitness sports, and endurance sports. We first reference science-based literature on the topic, which is currently inconclusive in finding correlations between symmetry and a decreased probability of injury. In doing so, our hope is to reduce fear around asymmetry, especially when it is subtle. In his article, "How Important is Muscular Symmetry for Strength Sports?" author Greg Nuckols states, "our bodies aren't symmetrical, so we don't lift things symmetrically." 

This is not to say that you can't take measures in training to promote better symmetry, especially if notable asymmetry exists that prevents you from meeting certain standards in your sport. On the contrary, we offer actionable training feedback for how you can offset the little imbalances that naturally manifest themselves as part of being human using intelligent, periodized programming.