Episode 19: Interview with Michael Ray M.S, D.C "Science & Semantics for Treating Chronic Pain"

In episode nineteen of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we’re joined by Michael Ray, Chiropractor, and owner of the Shenandoah Valley Performance Center. Mike relies heavily on both science and on semantics in his treatment of chronic pain.

First, Mike explains why pain is a complex topic. In fact, the greater field of researchers who study pain have not yet agreed upon a working definition for "pain". This is because the latest research challenges what was previously a physical/structural definition, alone. We know now that a more accurate definition must consider that which is psycho-social, as well. The research has explored topics such as fear avoidance behavior, client expectations, past experiences, and personal narratives in the role of pain perception. Mike uses this literature to not only reduce fear around pain and to promote self-efficacy, but to also combat "silly BS".

Although there is a lot that we still do not know about pain, we know increasingly more about what does not work as advertised, be that a product or a pain management practice. Mike explains why he has chosen instead to use exercise, when performed with the correct loading and volume, as his primary service over other popular practices in the field. Mike also believes that treatment for pain ought to look similar to training, as both require progressive overload, specific adaptations to imposed demands, and improved stress tolerance. Tune in now to learn more!

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