Episode 18: Interview with Dr. Mike Israetel - Practical Sports Science Application & Maximum Recoverable Volume

In episode eighteen of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Mike Israetel, Head Science Consultant of Renaissance Periodization. Mike's body of work, along with the help of his colleagues at Renaissance Periodization, has had a tremendous impact on our ability to help athletes resolve pain, return to play, and optimize performance.

Mike first answers how his advanced education in Exercise Physiology, under the counsel of acclaimed researcher, Dr. Mike Stone, helped him bridge the gap between traditional exercise physiology textbooks and programs designed to work in the weight room. The conversation then transitions to address the practical implications for, and significance of, training within what Mike has coined “Maximum Recoverable Volume”, or MRV. This is to say that, although training must become harder over time so as to create overload, training beyond what one can recover from is detrimental to performance, and will increase the likelihood of injury.

Ultimately, Mike concludes that with patience, and with a coach who can successfully implement and communicate the scientific principles of training, the athlete can gain confidence that they’re doing the most they need to optimize their performance.