Episode 13: Interview with Danny Camargo

In episode thirteen of the Strength Ratio Podcast, we’re joined by Danny Camargo who shares with us his weightlifting insight and coaching journey. As a Junior, Danny was one of America’s most celebrated lifters, and now, roughly twenty years later, Danny is respected as one the nation’s most distinguished coaches. Danny has earned Level 5 Senior International Distinction and has coached countless elite athletes in the sport including, most recently, Mattie Rogers.

In this interview with Zach Greenwald, Danny shares his philosophies for coaching athletes, detailing both the technical and interpersonal aspects of his craft. Most notably, he explains how, through experience and with an open mind, these philosophies have changed over time.

Ultimately, we can learn from Danny not only what it takes to effectively coach the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, but also what it takes to foster sustainable and productive relationships with athletes over many years.