Diversity and Inclusivity

No matter your sport, no matter your discipline, no matter your goals, no matter how much experience you have in a gym, if you’re committed to training sustainably, we want YOU on our team.



Allegiance to Science

We consult with experts in, refer to the latest research from, and adhere to the principles of exercise and sports science. All of our programming and coaching methodologies are scientifically informed, and they will always be that way.



Dedication to Education

We, the coaches of Strength Ratio, are professional educators. That means we are responsible for continuously improving our practice by taking classes, consuming research, and seeking feedback. We will never stop learning. And we will never stop sharing our learning. By contributing to the global conversation on health and fitness, we hope to spread the benefits of sustainable training worldwide.



Precision with Perspective

We care about the details. When developing our programs and executing our coaching plans, we take the time to integrate as much data as possible into their designs. We also know that details and data are significant only in terms of their context. The precision of our programming is empowered by the big picture perspective we keep.



Patience and Persistence

In other words: Wait for the cookies. Fixating on short-term gain leads to program-hopping, stalled progress, and injury. We encourage all of our team members to have patience. And when the going gets tough, when it’s hard to see the big picture and a hypertrophy phase looks like a PR drought, we encourage all of our teammates to persist, to be gritty, to trust the process, and to acknowledge the not-so-flashy signs of improvement. The persistence always pays off, and the cookies are always sweeter when made right.



Understanding before Action

Life can be crazy. Training can be crazier. Competing can be a bona fide monkey house. In the midst of the madness, we believe it is our responsibility to stay cool, to take the high road, and to weigh all of our options properly before making a decision. That’s why we approach every interaction with with compassion, open mindedness, and equanimity. And that’s why we seek to fully understand every person, every situation, and every circumstance before we react.



Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency establish trust and open, two-way communication channels among coaches and team members. Trust and open communication channels build strong, meaningful coach-athlete relationships. These relationships are the prerequisites for sustainable training, the foundation of our thriving, supportive, and positive global team.


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