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This fully individualized programming is designed to help athletes reach their fitness goals, reduce their likelihood of injury, and/or rehabilitate injuries. Choose a coach, train, and become a better athlete


Each new athlete begins with a one-on-one, individualized movement assessment tailored to his/her experience level, sport(s), and injury history. The results of this assessment, along with a thorough discussion of goals, preferences, and needs, provides the necessary information for each athlete's initial program design. From there, programs are regularly adapted and adjusted according to each athlete's performance, competition schedule, fatigue levels, and travel plans.


Strength Bananas-124.jpg


Designed for gym owners that use a group fitness model. The program is fun, engaging, and challenging. It incorporates a balance of lifting, squatting, pushing, and pulling across varying metabolic time domains to peak athletes for optimal performance in the Open. In addition to receiving programming, gym owners will also have access to information detailing how to improve clients' experiences and performances while reducing likelihood of injury.


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