Strength Ratio was originally founded in 2014 by Zach Greenwald in Asheville, North Carolina. His mission was to provide athletes with dedicated coaching and targeted programming to help them achieve their specific athletic goals and to prevent/rehabilitate their injuries. In 2016, Becca Lee and Kyle Clechenko partnered with Zach to further the Strength Ratio mission. They worked together to open a training facility in Asheville, to reach more clients remotely, and to develop more training programs for their clients. 

What Makes Us Different

Professional Coaches - We are full-time fitness professionals that are dedicated to being the best coaches we can be. This means we are committed to providing our clients with a team of qualified individuals who are passionate about the science behind strength and conditioning programming. We consider the sustained practice of learning about, evaluating, and implementing empirically proven strategies to be a vital part of our job that is necessary for supporting your pursuit of health and performance goals.

  • Multilateral Approach to Training, Injury Prevention, and Sustainable Performance - Because we adhere to the fundamental principles of exercise science, we are not bound to coaching clients according to any single training doctrine. This allows us to have a multilateral approach to programming. That is, we have the ability to implement empirically sound aspects of many different training modalities in order to optimize overall physical health and performance. This serves to prevent injuries and promotes sustainable training. Our methods are, first and foremost, geared towards performance longevity and health.

  • Individualization - The combination of our backgrounds in exercise science, our commitment to implementing empirically proven techniques, and our tight-knit community allows us to tailor our programs to each individual client’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

  • Sporting Experience - All Strength Ratio coaches have experience as competitive athletes and/ or as head coaches for competitive athletes. If you are joining Strength Ratio because you are interested in competing, you will have the support you need to succeed in your chosen sport.
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