You’ve made up your mind. You’re committed to becoming healthier. Fitter. More competitive. Stand down, fear! Move aside, ego! You’re ready and willing to put in the work. You’re in it for the long haul.

But where do you start? Or, if you started, where do you go next? There’s a lot of information on the subject, but it feels more like a seething mass of SHOULDs and SHOULDN’Ts than a clear path towards your goals.

At Strength Ratio, we hear you. We want to help you heal from those injuries, un-stall that progress, and take that performance to the next level. So we’ve made it our job to suss out the training practices that really work. We do the research, we consult with the experts, and we gain the experience necessary to develop coaching and programming practices that are scientifically proven to be effective.

Your job? Take a deep breath and begin. We believe in you (yep, without question). And we believe in applying the principles of exercise and sports science to help you train successfully and sustainably. The human body is an adaptable thing, but progress doesn’t happen overnight. It’s gradual and steady and requires a solid foundation of consistent, measured efforts exerted over time.  

So, you’re in it for the long haul? Good. Because health and performance aren’t ends, they’re lifelong endeavors. Which is why Strength Ratio is more than a lab that titrates out fitness plans. It’s a team.

Health doesn’t happen in a vacuum. And there’s strength in numbers. To train sustainably, you need support, camaraderie, coaches who are collaborators, and teammates who are friends. When you join Strength Ratio, you enter into a worldwide community of people who want you to succeed.

And though Strength Ratio teammates have a broad spectrum of goals--  from bringing home gold to staving off osteoporosis-- they all share your commitment to long term health and performance. And that means eliminating the seams between training and everything else. Life is dynamic and multifaceted: What happens in one of its corners ripples into the whole of its fabric. We know this, we’ve felt this, and we coach accordingly.


We factor stress, psychological well being, work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, sleep, travel, change, and down time into our program design. Challenge catalyzes growth; appropriate challenge sustains it. And the appropriateness of a program can only be gauged by its relationship to everything else in your life.

This relationship fundamentally defines our approach to programming and coaching. The strength ratio isn’t fixed: It’s a reflection of the symbiosis between training and living. It’s agile, resilient, and constantly evolving. Like you.

That’s why our coaches are more than cheerleaders or drill sergeants. They’re more than an accountability system. They’re educators and advocates-- reagents of change. A Strength Ratio coach is a professional whose dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at degrees or qualifications. A Strength Ratio coach is a lifelong devotee of sport, a voracious consumer of peer-reviewed research, and a mentor that’s invested in you as a whole. When you have a Strength Ratio coach, you have a loyal ally in your quest for improved health, fitness, and performance.

We’re ready to be that long-term partner in your life-time commitment to sustainable training. It is our mission to provide you with what you need to reach your goals: Professional coaches, fine-tuned programs, and a training environment defined by compassion, engineered by science. So we, the constituents of Strength Ratio, hereby invite you to join our team in its patient pursuit of progress.


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