Our class programs integrate strength and conditioning movements across multiple disciplines strategically, measurably, and sustainably. They balance appropriate challenge and fatigue management within training cycles to support linear progress. And they’re a whole heck of a lot of fun.


Strength & Conditioning

This 60 minute class features powerlifting movements, strength and accessory work, body weight/ gymnastics progressions, and cardio.

Benefits include:

  • Guidance and instruction from experienced, knowledgeable coaches

  • Measurable improvements in strength and conditioning

  • Motivation, support, and accountability from Strength Ratio teammates

  • Education on training sustainably



S&C 45

**Starting Monday, July 15th, 2019

This class features our signature strength & conditioning programming, but condensed into a 45 minute, lunch time session.

Benefits include:

  • A well-rounded workout in a short time-frame

  • Programming that’s structured to support linear progress for those who have limited time.



Weekday Weightlifting

This 30 minute class, focused on training and refining the snatch and clean & jerk, is held just before our Strength & Conditioning classes. It’s designed to prepare athletes to compete in the sport of weightlifting, and it pairs seamlessly with our Strength & Conditioning programming for those interested in a well-rounded 90 minute training session.

Benefits include:

  • Dedicated, advanced instruction on the technique of the snatch and clean & jerk

  • Coaching tailored to each participant’s level of experience with the sport

  • Competition coaching and preparation



Saturday Weightlifting

This 60 minute class is held on Saturday and focuses on training and refining the snatch and clean & jerk. It features programming that’s designed to pair with and complement our weekday weightlifting classes.



Weightlifting Technique

Held twice per week, this 30 minute class is designed to help weightlifting novices learn the basics of the snatch and clean & jerk so they can join our Weightlifting Classes.

Benefits include:

  • A thorough introduction to the snatch and clean & jerk

  • Attentive coaching tailored to each participant’s needs




**Coming Soon

This course introduces beginners to our strength and conditioning programming. It features technique breakdowns, instruction in gauging rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and an explanation of how our sustainable training programs work. Graduates of this course can confidently progress to our Strength & Conditioning class offerings.

Benefits include:

  • Guidance and instruction from experienced, knowledgeable coaches

  • Education on training sustainably

  • An introduction to powerlifting, accessory, and other strength and conditioning movements


Success Story: S. Gold

Simply put, our classes work. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video!



3 Classes/ Week - 1 Month Agreement

$110/ Month

Unlimited Classes - 12 Month Agreement

*Most popular

$125/ Month

Unlimited Classes - 3 Month Agreement

$135/ Month

Unlimited Classes - 1 Month Agreement

$160/ Month


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