Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to been "in shape" to start training at Strength Ratio?

No. While it certainly helps Strength Ratio is for all experience and fitness levels. Many individuals come to us having never trained before and we scale and adjust classes to fit individual needs. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete Strength Ratio is for you. 


How many days per week to you recommend training?

This depends on your goals. In most cases, for athletes competing or practicing for their sport, 2-3 times per week is ideal. 3 times per week will typically yield better performance gains as long as it can be fit in to the training schedule. At 2 times per week, performance gains will still be made however if attendance drops to 1 time per week then one maybe able to maintenance strength but not make improvements of prior training adaptations.

The same holds true for our classes. Most clients attend 3 times per week however those with special performance goals will often attend up to 5 times per week. As with most things fitness related, the effect is dose-dependent. The greater your frequency and commitment the greater your rewards will be if there is also adequate time for rest and recovery.


What is your recommendation for cardiovascular based training?

We know that aerobic conditioning is valuable for a host of reasons including promotion of cardiovascular health and to assist in recovery from strength training. On days off from lifting and 2-3 days per week, we recommend people do some aerobic exercise that they enjoy - walking, taking a hike, running, biking or a combination of them for 20-30 mins at a low to moderate intensity. 


If I am injured should I still train?

In most cases, the answer is a resounding “yes.” One of the things we do best is develop training plans that fit for every circumstance and this includes cases of injury. Research and years of anecdotal evidence suggests that recovery and return to fitness will be significantly faster if you train safely and appropriately while recovering from the injury.


What is your membership cancellation policy?

We understand that members may wish to cancel their memberships for various reasons. When canceling a membership with an agreement (which are discounted 15% from our month to month prices) the difference between what would have been payed between a month to month and the discounted rate will be due at the time of cancellation.