Classic Strength  

Classic Strength programming is designed to help individuals become stronger, healthier and more physically fit. Because of this, each Classic Strength class is divided into two parts: a strength portion and an accessory circuit. During the strength portion, athletes will perform movements within weight and rep ranges that increase muscular endurance, muscle mass, and power. The accessory circuit consists of exercises that serve both to prevent injury and to support the work an athlete has completed during the strength component of the class. Classic Strength programming consists of strongman movements (weighted carrying and anaerobic conditioning), basic, multi-joint barbell movements (squats, presses, deadlifts), and bodyweight/gymnastic progressions. 


This programming IS FOR those who: 

  • Are seeking to get stronger and better conditioned while improving their body composition.
  • Have an endurance training background (recreational runners, swimmers, cyclists etc.).
  • New to strength and conditioning training. 
  • Recreational athletes seeking to improve their overall physical fitness for the purposes of another sport.


  • The guidance of professional, experienced, and knowledgeable coaches.
  • A community of driven and supportive individuals.
  • Improvements in strength, conditioning, and body composition.
  • Programming that attends to individual needs.
  • A sense of accountability created by Strength Ratio's positive community.
  • Nutrition, mobility, and injury prevention education.



  • 3 days/week - $110/month
  • Unlimited - $160/month 

* Membership allows access to all available classes
* For Unlimited memberships 3 and 12 month agreements feature
an applied 15% discount and 20% discount, respectively